Boiler Pressure Parts

B&W has successfully completed thousands of projects for retrofit improvements to existing B&W and non-B&W utility and industrial boilers.

Many of these major projects required innovative material or product solutions that significantly enhanced equipment performance and reliability. Advanced materials, improved designs and application specific pressure part arrangements are a few ways that older boilers benefit from upgrade projects.

Pressure part modifications, arrangement modifications and improvements are most commonly made to the following boiler components:

  • Advanced high-temperature materials
  • Attemperators
  • Cyclones
  • Drum internals
  • Economizer sections and headers
  • Extended surface tube sections
  • Furnace arch tubes
  • High pressure piping
  • Membraned furnace wall panels and individual tubes
  • Mix sections for universal pressure boilers
  • Primary and secondary superheater sections and headers
  • Reheat superheater sections and headers
  • Specialized high-temperature, high-pressure alloy materials, such as Grade 91 forgings, tubing and piping
  • Start-up systems, piping and valves
  • Swaged, studded and bifurcated tubes
  • Tube bends (any configuration)
  • Tube wall panels, partial panels, tube panel inserts
  • Wing walls, division walls, radiant superheaters ​