B&W mPower Reactor

TYPESmall Modular Reactors

Babcock & Wilcox mPower, Inc. is leading the development, licensing and delivery of the B&W mPower™ reactor project. The B&W mPower SMR is based on advanced integral pressurized water reactor technology that incorporates robust, inherently safe protection systems and a fully underground containment structure. The B&W mPower design philosophy maximizes the use of proven, mature systems and components with an innovative plant architecture that reduces licensing and construction risks.

The modular and scalable design of the B&W mPowerTM reactor is expected to meet the generation needs of our customers with the proven performance of existing light water reactor technology. Several reactor modules can be installed to support the customer requirements and infrastructure constraints.

The B&W mPower reactor will reduce risks associated with deploying nuclear power and become a flexible, cost-effective solution to U.S. energy needs while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Each B&W mPower reactor brought online will contribute to the reduction of approximately 57 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, compared to those created by other forms of energy generation, over the life of the reactor.

The B&W organization offers production capabilities to supply all Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) components, reducing manufacturing costs and streamlining construction.

  • ​Integral nuclear system design
  • Passive safety systems
  • Underground containment
  • Four-year operating cycle between refueling
  • Scalable, modular design is flexible for local needs
  • Multi-unit (1 to 10+) plant
  • Less than five percent enriched uranium
  • North American shop-manufactured