B&W MEGTEC Solutions for the Iron & Steel Industry

Iron and Steel 
Gas conditioning and air pollution control

B&W MEGTEC Evaporative Gas Cooling

Evaporative Gas Cooling and Conditioning

The evaporative gas cooling and conditioning system uses a finely atomized water spray to cool EAF, BOF off-gases from over 2,400°F (1,315°C) to as low as 240°F (115°C), protecting ductwork and downstream air pollution control equipment from high temperature and sparks, while providing rapid cooling for dioxin and furan control. By optimizing humidity levels, it helps electrostatic precipitators because the water spray completely evaporates while cooling the gases. There is no free water and no troublesome deposits in ducts, towers or hoppers. Rugged Turbotak™ atomizing nozzles are ideally suited to the harsh conditions in steelmaking, while still producing ultra-fine sprays with precise control of dropsize and spray coverage.

The system can be applied to EAF/BOF off-gas cooling, castor sprays, spark arrest, sintering and hot-rolling applications.  

B&W MEGTEC also provides upgrades or retrofits to existing systems. Our system can be installed in the hot quench lower or BOF riser duct, and in existing ductwork, whether vertical or horizontal.

Conveyance Systems

B&W Loibl Plate Conveyor

Compact, space saving solutions suitable for rough conditions

B&W Loibl's conveyance systems can be ordered in various shapes, designs or materials depending on need and conveyor arrangement. These environmentally friendly systems reduce emissions and are engineered for high operational safety.

Pollution Control

SDA Spray Dryer Absorber

Treatment of process gas streams to remove particulate and acid gases

For the effective removal of SOx and other acid gases, we offer spray dry absorber technology. When integrated with B&W MEGTEC's pulse jet fabric filter and dry sorbent injection technologies, we can help you keep unit availability and reliability high, and acid gas emissions, capital costs, and maintenance costs low.

Aftermarket Services

Engineers and technical support representatives at your service

Our support doesn't end at project completion. B&W has an extensive network of service professionals located worldwide to help keep your equipment running efficiently. Learn more about our upgrades, preventative maintenance services, technical support and spare parts.