Cement Manufacturing
From process technologies to environmental compliance

Evaporative Cooling and Conditioning

B&W MEGTEC Evaporative Cooling Conditioning

Evaporative gas cooling and conditioning systems

Evaporative gas cooling and conditioning systems use specially engineered atomizing nozzles that introduce a controlled amount of finely atomized water into the hot gas stream to reduce and/or maintain gas temperature. The water evaporates completely while absorbing heat from the gases, which results in free-flowing dust, zero liquid discharge, and minimal or no problems with scale buildup on the walls. 

Emissions Control              

Cement evaporative gas cooling & conditioning system

Treatment of industrial process gas streams for the removal of particulate and acid gases

We take an integrated and effective approach to high performance particulate, mercury and acid gas emissions control by integrating our spray dry absorber (SDA) with pulse jet fabric filter and dry sorbent injection technologies.

Cooling Systems                   

B&W SPIG Dry Cooling Systems

B&W SPIG custom-engineered cooling systems and services

Our fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) cooling towers are designed for harsh and corrosive environments, offering durable performance and light weight, dimensional stability, and noise and vibration absorption.  Manufactured using FRP or concrete, B&W SPIG offers flexible solutions for a wide range of project specifications.   

Heros Water-tube Boilers

Water-Tube Package Boiler
B&W is a leading supplier of Heros water-tube FM and Heros high capacity FM package boilers for start-up and auxiliary power. Units are shop-assembled or modularized with bottom-supported designs for oil, natural gas and other gaseous and liquid fuels. Capacities usually range from 10,000 lb/h (1.3 kg/s) to 600,000 lb/h (25.2 kg/s), depending on type and design features.

Conveyance Systems

B&W Loibl Bucket Conveyor

Transporting a variety of bulk materials

B&W Loibl provides conveyor systems suitable for transporting cement and other bulk materials. Whether you need to move material vertically or in curved paths, we have reliable, environmentally friendly, and economical transport systems to fit your specific needs.

Evaporative Gas Cooling Enhances Pollution Control System Performance

Environmental compliance in the cement industry can be achieved with precise and reliable evaporative cooling and conditioning of gases throughout the cement manufacturing process. Fully integrated systems protect downstream equipment, enhance air pollution control performance, reduce gas volumes, and can help increase production capacity. 

The efficiency of pulse jet fabric filters (baghouses) and electrostatic precipitators can be enhanced by raising the humidity to condition high-resistivity particulates.

B&W MEGTEC scrubbers effectively control sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen chloride (HCl) by injecting lime slurry. The use of micro-fine lime or standard lime, make it possible for a spray dryer absorber (SDA) system to reduce SO2 by up to 90 percent and reduce HCl by up to 98 percent. In addition, these systems can be retrofitted into an existing gas conditioning tower or downcomer duct to avoid the high cost of new capital equipment.

The spray dryer absorbers can also combine our evaporative gas cooling system with lime injection through specially modified nozzles. Our slurry piping design minimizes plugging or scaling and maximizes reliability. And unlike wet scrubbers, all water is evaporated, which results in little to no liquid waste stream. This makes it possible for the dry materials to often be recycled back into the product, which completely eliminates any waste stream.