Bulletins de service et techniques


Bulletins de Babcock & Wilcox

Les bulletins de service technique de B&W comprennent des bulletins de service relatifs à des centrales, des bulletins techniques ou des bulletins de sécurité pour :

  • Chaudières
  • Pulvérisateurs
  • Autres équipements auxiliaires de centrales électriques
Bulletins de service technique

 Graphitization of Carbon-Molybdenum Steels (PSB-59)

 Care, Management and Maintenance of Older Boilers (PSB-58)

 B&W Roll Wheel® Pulverizer Maintenance (PSB-57)

 E and EL Pulverizer Bottom Ring Assembly (PSB-56)

 Corrosion-Fatigue Failures of Riser Tube Bends (PSB-55)

 Feedwater Pipe Thinning and Rupture (PSB-54)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Oil (PSB-53)

 Master Hand Hole Plug Welding Recommendations (PSB-52)

 Lower Convection Pass Casing Enclosure and Economizer Hoppers (PSB-51)

 Convection Pass Lower Header Closure Plate Cracking (PSB-50)

 Steam-Cooled Spacer Tube Related Cracking of Secondary Superheater Outlet Headers (PSB-49)

 Pulverizer Roll Wheel Silicone O-Rings and the Use of Synthetic Oils (PSB-48)

 Feedwater Pipe Thinning (PSB-47)

 Square Lower Sidewall Headers in Stoker Units (PSB-46)

 E and EL Pulverizer Springs (PSB-45)

 Chemical Cleaning Guide (PSB-44)

 Refractories, Plastics, Insulation or Textiles Containing Chromium Compounds (PSB-43)

 Spiral Bevel Gear Bolts Roll Wheel Pulverizer - Gearbox (PSB-42)

 UP Boiler Mix Stud Plate Cracking (PSB-41)

 Drain Stub Bore Hole Cracking (PSB-40)

 E/EL Pulverizer Bottom Ring Lifting Clamp (PSB-39)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Loading Rods/Cables (PSB-38)

 Reheaters: Out-of-Service Corrosion (PSB-37)

 Economizer Hoppers (PSB-36)

 Flashtanks (PSB-35)

 Once-through Boiler Bypass Stop Valves (B&W 200) (PSB-34)

 Burners (PSB-33)

 Oil Lighters (Steam/Air Atomized) (PSB-32)

 Mechanical Oil Lighters (PSB-31)

 High Energy Ignitor System and Lighter Controls (PSB-30)

 Stress-Assisted Corrosion: Boiler Waterside (PSB-29)

 Membraned Wall Corner Tube Failures (PSB-28)

 UP Boiler Downcomer Strainers (PSB-27)

 Tube Thickness Evaluation Repair or Replacement Guideline (PSB-26)

 Boiler Water Phosphate Chemistry (PSB-25)

 Spray Attemperators for Industrial Boilers (PSB-24)

 Welded Plate Elbows in High Temperature Applications (PSB-23)

 Economizer Inlet Header Cracking (PSB-22)

 UP Boiler Furnace Protection (PSB-20)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Shaft Retainer Bolt (PSB-19)

 Ligament Cracking of 2-1/4Cr-1Mo (SA-335 P22) (PSB-18)

 Threaded Connections on High Temperature Applications (PSB-17)

 Pulverized Fuel System Fires (PSB-16)

 Spray Attemperators (PSB-15)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Low-Speed Shaft Cover (PSB-13)

 Subcooling in Cycling Boilers (PSB-12)

 Rothemuhle Air Heater Sootblower Spherical Swivel Joints (PSB-11)

 Pulverized Fuel System Fires (PSB-10)

 Rothemühle Air Heater Core Door (PSB-9)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer - Viking Lube Oil Pumps (PSB-8)

 Thermal Quenching of Hopper Tubes (PSB-7)

 ITT Grinnell Constant Support Hangers (PSB-6)

 Rothemühle Air Heater Collar Seal Shoe Hang-Up (PSB-5)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Assembly O-Ring Sizing (PSB-4)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Assembly Pivot Block Orientation (PSB-3)

 Out-of-Service Corrosion Failure of Horizontal Downcomer, Supply and Riser Pressure Part Connections (PSB-2)

 Creep Fatigue and Ligament Cracking of 1-1/4 Cr-1/2 Mo-Si (T11 and P11) Pressure Parts (PSB-1)

 Floor Tube Corrosion: External and Water Side May, 1992

 Recovery Boiler Floor Tube Inspections May, 1995

 Superheater Floor Tube Failures June 1995

 Characteristics and Implications of Cracking in Type 304L Composite Floor Tubes in Recovery Boilers March, 1997

 UP Boiler Tube Leaks March, 1998

 Riser and Tube Attachment Fatigue and Corrosion: Location and Evaluation Experience November, 2006

 Generating Bank Casing-to-Sidewall Tube Welds on Two-Drum Boilers November, 2015

Bulletins B&W MEGTEC

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les bulletins techniques, d'améliorations et de sécurité de B&W MEGTEC pour :

  • Les équipements auxiliaires pour procédés industriels
  • Les sécheurs
  • Les épurateurs
  • Les dérouleurs

Équipements auxiliaires de procédés industriels

Les sécheurs

Dual-Dry RTO

Bulletins de sécurité :

 SVB-002 Gas Train Safeties

 SVB-006 Operating Cost and Safety Concerns with Duct and Damper Leakage 

Bulletins techniques :

 TCB-011 Siemens SQM5 Actuator: Setup and Calibration

 TCB-021 Servicing the Maxon Micro-Ratio Valve

Bulletins de mise à niveau :

 UGB-070 PLC Remote I/O Upgrade

 UGB-082 StepFoil Web Stabilizer Efficiency Improvement

 UGB-083 1.3X Air Bars Efficiency Improvement

 UGB-084 Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Backup and Monitoring System




Bulletins de sécurité :

 SVB-005 Splicer Operational Safety

Bulletins techniques :

 TCB-027 Splicing Cold Rolls

Bulletins de mise à niveau :

 UGB-084 Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Proactive Backup and Monitoring System