Turbine Exhaust System Upgrades


B&W Universal successfully completed a turbine exhaust system upgrade to the BP Bruce Platform, approximately 211 miles northeast of Aberdeen, Scotland, in the North Sea. B&W Universal provided a customized solution for this important system, which extracts oil and gas from the Bruce Reservoir, and draws from numerous sub sea and platform wells. Commissioned in 1992, the Bruce Platform is of vital importance to BP’s global oil and gas operations, with production capacities of 620 mmscf of gas and 80 mb of oil per day. 

Business Situation

B&W Universal’s project scope included the replacement of two existing turbine exhaust systems used for power generation and compression with a customized cool-shell turbine exhaust system. The requirements posed several significant challenges for B&W Universal’s design and implementation teams.

Customized packaging and weight management techniques were used to prepare the exhaust system components for connection with the existing platform structure, which included numerous cranes and cable trays adjacent to the installation site. B&W Universal conducted Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) and pull tests on lifting lug sets designed for helicopter lifting. These rigorous procedures ensured that the system placement would proceed smoothly and comply with the Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF) of helicopter lifting requirements. Once raised into place, the exhaust systems mandated the use of customized bolt patterns to accommodate the retrofit installation into the existing platform structure.

The final project challenge was the distinct window of time for the retrofit exhaust systems’ installation. With B&W Universal’s scope representing only one part of the larger Bruce Platform updating project undertaken by BP, B&W Universal’s project management team needed to ensure that products were delivered to the site within a strict time frame. Coordination with other vendors, BP representatives, contractors, multiple inspection agencies, installation crews and other project managers was essential to ensure that downtime was minimized and customer expectations were met. These logistical challenges were overcome by B&W Universal’s team through a combination of superior communication, coordination and attention to detail. B&W Universal’s project management team employed effective change management techniques to ensure that all parties were aware of new scope requirements throughout the life of the project.

"The successful completion of Universal’s scope on this project was a true team effort. B&W Universal was able to deliver the solutions our customers required on time and on budget. “

– Duncan Kasukonis, B&W Universal Project Manager

The first was the rugged North Sea environment, which demanded a robust, durable construction for the replacement exhaust systems. The project called for a resilient design that would withstand a 20-year lifespan, including 1,000 operational turbine start-up and shutdown cycles. B&W Universal’s engineering teams utilized the latest technology and analytics tools to ensure that the products met the customer’s specified project requirements. Sophisticated analytical methods, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and stress analyses, were employed to simulate expected flow distribution and backpressure within the environmental context. B&W Universal’s design, engineering and project management teams worked with customers, contractors and end users to develop a solid system capable of withstanding the demanding elements of the North Sea platform’s location.


The spatial constraints of the exhaust replacement project posed additional hurdles to this retrofit application. The engineering team used data from multiple platform surveys and inspections, including the use of cutting-edge laser technology, to fully understand the site’s dimensional requirements and then design the exhaust system to fit into the existing platform structure and footprint. The exhaust system’s parts were shipped by truck to a staging area onshore, then subsequently transported by sea barge to the offshore platform, and finally  airlifted via helicopter onto the platform for final installation by use of cranes. Acoustical baffles were shipped separately and installed on the platform.

About B&W Universal

B&W Universal expects many years of dependable performance from the retrofit exhaust systems at the BP Bruce Platform. The final results indicate that the company’s design, engineering and project management teams are fully capable of providing customized solutions for any application challenge. 

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