Oil and Gas Solutions
for the Buffalo Compressor Station

The Buffalo Compressor Station
Washington County, PA

The site is operated by National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation (NFG). The site has two 2,370 bhp natural gas compressors powered by Caterpillar G3608 reciprocating lean burn engines.

The Challenge

B&W Universal sought to achieve the extremely challenging acoustic performance within the overall space constraints. Additionally, emissions after-treatment for the engines was necessary for this Pennsylvania facility due to local attainment zone requirements. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) also imposes strict limits on both emissions and acoustic energy given off by the equipment located at compressor stations.


B&W Universal engineers developed a custom exhaust silencer system with an integrated catalyst and packaged it with a resonator to treat the emissions and acoustic energy created by the reciprocating engines. B&W Universal provided unique vertical combination units that meet exceedingly strict acoustic requirements.

In addition to the two engine exhaust systems, B&W Universal provided complete turbine exhaust systems for two Caterpillar natural gas powered compressor turbines at the site. These units are each rated at 10,280 HP. This compression station allows NFG to transport natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region to markets in the northeastern United States. Gas is extracted from the shale, and then processed and piped to customers. In order to process the extracted gas, compressor stations such as the Buffalo station move the gas to plants downstream.

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