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Liquid Purification and Distillation

Water-soluble solvents and multiple-solvent mixtures may need to be separated from the water and/or separated into their individual components prior to reuse. B&W MEGTEC offers complete extractive and azeotropic multicomponent distillation systems for the separation and purification of solvent mixtures.

Depending on customer and process requirements, our systems can be designed for either continuous or batch operations.

In applications where the decanted water phase contains solvent levels that cannot be sent directly to drain or existing water treatment facilities, we provide a steam or air stripping column for solvent removal prior to discharge.

In steam stripping, steam is admitted at the base of the column. As the contaminated feed water flows downward, solvents concentrate in the top of the column and are removed overhead in a condenser. The product then may be sent to storage or returned to the decanter.

In an air stripping operation, air is passed through the column counter-current to the flow of liquid. Solvent transfers to the air stream, which may be returned to the inlet of the carbon adsorption unit, and purified water suitable for disposal is discharged.

Typical processes or product applications that use recovered solvents for reuse are:

  • Chemical/petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor and electronics
  • Membrane production
  • Soil vapor extraction and groundwater remediation
  • Degreasing
  • Foam production
  • Rubber-coated fabric production
  • Paper, film and foil coating
  • Publication and packaging gravure printing

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