B&W Upgrades & Retrofits

Upgrades & Retrofits
Optimizing your equipment and operations

Power & Recovery Boiler Natural Gas Fuel Conversions

Flame Burner

The cost of natural gas makes fuel switching an attractive option for owners and operators

B&W’s natural gas conversion experience is proven: many power boiler owners and operators have successfully converted their existing units to 100 percent natural gas firing systems, significantly reducing annual fuel and plant operating costs.

 Natural Gas Conversions for Power Boilers

 Natural Gas Conversions for Recovery Boilers

Boiler Capacity Increases                                

Technology advances to increase unit capability, operability and availability

B&W considers all the key issues when optimizing a unit, including understanding how boilers age, identifying the critical components, and determining the general types of changes and enhancements possible. These elements are then combined with operating experience and equipment condition assessment to develop an integrated strategic plan for each boiler and each component in the boiler.

Burner / Igniter Upgrades                               

Burner Upgrades

Combustion system firing equipment

B&W provides low NOx coal, oil, natural gas and industrial process gas firing equipment. Our complete overfire air systems are designed for your operating conditions, fuels and furnace envelope.  With an integrated system design approach, benefits include optimized, low maintenance operational and environmental performance.

Installation, Relocation & Related Industrial Services

Turnkey Services For Installation Projects

From contractor supervision to complete turnkey installation on projects of all sizes, B&W works with our customers to ensure a trouble-free professional installation or relocation services for new and existing equipment.

 Installations and Relocations

 B&W Construction Brochure

Industrial Ductwork Systems                            

Ductwork Systems
B&W MEGTEC provides ductwork collection systems in parallel with its professional installation services. Ductwork collection systems are designed for optimum performance, pressure drop, and cleanability.

Oxidizer and Dryer Modifications & Rebuild Services

Equipment Modifications And Rebuild Services

B&W MEGTEC offers solutions for rebuilds and the repair of your equipment. Product changes and customer requirements can make existing equipment obsolete for its originally intended purpose. It may be possible to modify your existing equipment to meet new demands.

 Oxidizer Rebuilds

 Dryer Rebuilds

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Rebuilds & Upgrades

Aging technology and lack of support from some original equipment manufacturers has resulted in lost productivity and reduced efficiency for many electrostatic precipitator systems. ESP products and services provided by B&W are designed with one goal in mind— to help keep your ESP functioning at peak performance.

Upgrade Kits & Technical Service Bulletins

Upgrade Kits and Technical Info
When your machine outlives its parts, we have a wide range of replacement parts kits to support your equipment where original components may now be obsolete.

Power Plant Parts, Upgrades, Controls and Services

How do you maintain your competitive edge in today’s market? Are you operating at peak efficiency and maximizing the returns on your assets? Are you partnering with a proven service provider you can rely on to provide ongoing maintenance support, quality replacement parts and new technologies when needed to meet the latest environmental regulations?
These are some of the reasons to choose Babcock & Wilcox as your one-stop aftermarket supplier for your entire plant.

Use this quick guide to learn more about the vital parts of our Power Plant Parts, Upgrades, Controls and Services. Hover and click on a number. 

Ash Handling

- Allen-Sherman-Hoff® bottom ash systems
- Allen-Sherman-Hoff® fly ash systems

Allen-Sherman-Hoff Hydrobin Ash Handling


- Pressure parts
- Non-pressure parts
- Diamond Power® cleaning systems
- Air heaters
- Fans

B&W Supercritical Boiler

Combustion Systems

- Pulverizers
- Low NOx burners
- Igniters and scanners
- Overfire air systems
- Cyclone furnaces  

Combustion Diagnostics

Controls and Diagnostic Systems

- Advanced performance technologies
- Sootblowing controls and intelligent software
- Precipitator controls and software
- Boiler monitoring systems 

Emissions Monitoring

Cooling Systems

Air-cooled condensers
- Air-finned coolers
- Wet cooling towers
- Hybrid cooling towers

B&W SPIG Dry Cooling Systems

Mercury, Acid Gas and HAP Control

- Wet scrubbers
- Dry scrubbers
- Dry sorbent injection
- Activated carbon injection

Wet Scrubber FGD

Particulate Control

- Electrostatic precipitators (ESP)
- Fabric filter baghouses
- Dust collectors

Particulate and Dust Control

Post-Combustion NOx Control

- Selective catalytic reduction
- Selective non-catalytic reduction

SCR Systems