Renewable Energy Business Segment

Renewables Business Segment

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L90 Waste-to-Energy Plant

Nearly 90 Years of Experience in Renewable Energy 

When B&W Vølund developed its first waste-to-energy plant in 1930, it revolutionized waste-disposal techniques. Since then we’ve grown to become one of the world’s leading technology suppliers for converting household waste and biomass into heat and power, as well as a provider of turnkey solutions utilizing strategic partners.

Protecting the climate and the environment while producing results for you.

In today’s climate and environmentally conscious society, high-quality products alone are not enough to achieve success. It’s also necessary to have broad, multi-disciplinary experience, strong project-management skills, and good empirical designs. By bringing these elements together, we are able to gain the insights needed to ensure the successful completion of today’s sophisticated waste-to-energy and biomass projects.


Palm Beach WtE Renewable Energy

B&W Renewables Business Segment SWA | Palm Beach, Florida, USA

In partnership with our consortium partner, BE&K Construction, B&W supplied the know-how, technology, equipment and for the Solid Waste Authority's Facility #2 at the Palm Beach Renewable Energy Park.  The newest facility is designed to process 3,000 tons of municipal solid waste each day which equates to nearly 1 million tons of MSW per year.

Copenhill / Amager Bakke WtE

B&W Volund Project in Denmark Copenhill ARC | Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen's state-of-the-art plant sets new standards for environmental performance, energy production and waste treatment.  Innovative technology and architecture integrate to form a future in which waste-to-energy plants are welcomed in any backyard.

Supercritical Straw-Fired CHP

Biomass Straw-Fired Plant Avedøreværket | Avedøre, Denmark 


B&W Vølund supplied the ultra-supercritical straw-fired boiler, featuring an advanced straw feeding system for this revolutionary combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Denmark.  The boiler is designed for 100 percent straw firing (approximately 150,000 tons per year), and is the world’s largest and most effective straw-fired boiler with ultra-supercritical steam parameters.

University Biomass-Fueled Boiler

Missouri | USA


B&W designed, engineered and supplied a 150,000 pound-per-hour bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boiler designed to burn chipped hardwoods and various local opportunity fuels near the University of Missouri's campus. The new boiler was retrofit within the university physical plant's existing structure. The physical plant provides the university campus with electricity and steam for heating and other uses.