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Lansing Generating Station - Iowa, USA
Circulating dry scrubber (CDS) designed, installed and integrated with fabric filter achieves SO2 removal efficiency up to 98%

Great River Energy Spiritwood Spiritwood – North Dakota, USA
Internal-recirculation CFB boiler, auxiliary and environmental equipment help combined heat and power plant supply process steam to adjacent malt plant

Prairie State – Illinois, USA
Supercritical, spiral wound coal-fired boilers, SCRs, burners, pulverizers and intelligent sootblowing system used to cleanly and reliably generate electricity across 9 states

Dry Fork Station – Wyoming, USA
Radiant drum boiler and environmental equipment, featuring AireJet® burners and dry bottom ash system supplied to burn low-sulfur PRB coal

AEP’s John W. Turk Station – Arkansas, USA
Engineering and construction of ultra-supercritical coal-fired boiler with air quality control system earn Plant of the Year recognition

TransAlta Keephills Generating Station – Alberta, Canada
Spray dryer absorber, pulse jet fabric filter and mercury control systems result in high SO2 removal efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs

First Energy W.H. Sammis Plant – Ohio, USA
EPC of SCR and wet FGD systems earn plant “Construction Project of the Year” honor

San Juan Generating Station – New Mexico, USA
EPC of comprehensive air quality control system results in major reduction of NOx formation and particulate, SO2 and mercury emissions

GenOn’s Chalk Point, Dickerson and Morgantown Plants – Texas, USA
Engineering and procurement of wet flue gas desulfurization systems for seven units at three plants

Hatfield Ferry Station – Pennsylvania, USA
Design and erection of wet FGD systems, with module fabrication to bypass transportation constraints

Comanche Station – Colorado, USA
Dry FGD systems installed on three units feature unique flue gas dispersion system

Weston Station – Wisconsin, USA
Design and construction of pulverized coal-fired supercritical boiler with spiral furnace tube technology for flexible and reliable operation

FirstEnergy’s Fort Martin Station – West Virginia, USA
Two delivered and constructed wet FGD systems remove 98% of entering SO2

Roxboro Station – North Carolina, USA
Four wet FGD systems, ESP, SCR and wastewater treatment system help plant achieve environmental goals

Mitchell Station – West Virginia, USA
EPC of wet FGD systems, ESP, SCR and trona injection system for two 800 MW units

Midwestern Utility – USA
Supply and construction of two wet FGD systems, including limestone milling and gypsum dewatering systems

Midwestern Utility – USA
Three wet FGD systems meet all engineering, fabrication and construction schedule milestones

Progress Energy Asheville Station – North Carolina, USA
Award-winning project to supply two wet FGD systems for PC-firing units

Tanjung Jati B – Indonesia
Consortium supplies complete boiler island for two coal-fired units, from ship unloaders to the stack

Millmerran Power Station – Queensland, Australia
Two pulverized coal-fired supercritical boiler and related equipment help meet Australia’s growing energy demand

Hawthorn Station – Missouri, USA
Design, supply, erection and commissioning of a complete replacement boiler on an accelerated 22-month schedule

Detroit Edison Monroe Station – Michigan, USA
Wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems installed for SO2 removal on four 825 MW PRB-firing units

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Shenzhen East – Shenzhen, China
One of world’s newest, largest waste treatment facilities uses DynaGrate® technology for clean, sustainable energy

Amager Bakke – Copenhagen, Denmark
State-of-the-art WtE plant uses DynaGrate® combustion grate, boiler, ash handling, and particle and NOx-reduction system to treat around 400,000 tonnes of waste annually

Skærbækværket / Skaerbaek - Denmark

B&W Vølund supplied two identical 154 MW wood chip- fueled boilers, built on the harbor area in front of block 2 of the Skaerbaek plant.

Dunbar – East Lothian, Scotland
Fuel-flexible WtE plant processes residual household, commercial and industrial wasteto generate 30 MW of green electricity

Nordforbrænding – Hørsholm, Denmark
New combined heat- and power-producing WtE line designed for burning 10 tonnes of waste per hour increases energy efficiency from 70% to 99%

Margam – Port Talbort, South Wales
Supply, operations and maintenance of new biomass plant capable of processing waste wood, including contaminated wood and fuel containing metals

Templeborough – Rotherham, England
Supply, operations and maintenance of biomass plant capable of processing waste wood, including contaminated wood and fuel containing metals

Teesside – Port Clarence, England
Following Margam, biomass plant capable of processing waste wood designed to generate 40 MW of green electricity, enough to supply 78,000 homes

Sembcorp – Jurong Island, Singapore
WtE plant uses industrial and commercial waste as fuel to produce energy for nearby chemical and petrochemical companies

Likeng ll – Guangzhou, China
Three-line WtE plant one of the largest in China, specifically designed for Chinese waste

Bulleh Shah Packaging – Pakistan
Supplied, constructed and commissioned boiler and vibrating grate for biomass plant burns local wheat straw, cotton stalks, corn, rice and river grass

Palm Beach County Renewable Energy Facility No. 2 – Florida, USA
Ranking as the cleanest, most efficient plant of its kind in the world, this engineered, designed, procured and constructed WtE facility reduces landfill volume by 90%

Palm Beach Renewable Energy Facility No. 1 – Florida, USA
The largest refuse-derived fuel (RDF) WtE facility of its kind at commissioning reduces waste, generates electricity and recovers metals

Peterborough – Cambridgeshire, England
EPC/turnkey project for 85,000-tonne energy recovery facility that processes residual household, commercial and industrial waste

Landskrona – Sweden
Multi-fuel combined heat and power plant for the combustion of RDF from plastic, wood and cardboard production

County Meath – Ireland
Boiler, combustion grate, combustion control and SNCR systems at Ireland’s first WtE plant deliver electricity to city’s grid

Filbornaverket – Helsingborg, Sweden
WtE plant produces steam, district heating and electricity with an overall 100% thermal efficiency rate

Forus Energigjenvinning – Stavanger, Norway
Recovered energy from this WtE facility is used for district heating by three cities

Sundsvall Energy – Korstaverket, Sweden
WtE plant featuring DynaGrate water-cooled combustion grate produces approximately 120,000 MW electricity and 300,000 MW district heating

TAS - Kolding, Denmark
Waste-fired boiler for CHP plant designed for high and/or fluctuating heating values

Strängnäs Energi – Strängnäs, Sweden
Multi-biofuel boiler used for high-efficiency electricity production, process steam and district heating

Reno Nord - Aalborg, Denmark
Replacement furnace/boiler line and auxiliary equipment powers WtE plant

AffaldPlus - Næstved, Denmark
Combustion system for waste treatment facility used by 14 municipalities in South Zealand delivered three weeks ahead of schedule

Biowanze - Wanze, Belgium
Bran- and natural gas-fired boiler for bioethanol factory helps meet European renewable utilization goals

Högdalen – Stockholm, Sweden
Large-capacity fuel-flexible WtE line designed for confined space

L90 - Esbjerg, Denmark
WtE plant burning domestic and industrial waste serves 600,000 residents throughout 25 municipalities

REFA Kraftvarmeværk – Nykøbing Falster, Denmark
Waste collection and treatment of waste from households and industries on two Danish islands

Örebro Kartongbruk AB – Orebro, Sweden
Boiler turns industrial waste from cardboard factory into steam for drying process and heating

Assens Fjernvarme Amba – Assens, Denmark
Biomass-fired combined heat and power plant delivered in 15 months

Junckers Industrier - Køge, Denmark
Natural circulation boiler fires waste wood, oil and biogas for Denmark’s largest wood manufacturer

Måbjergværket – Måbjerg, Denmark
Two WtE boilers and one biomass boiler supplied to Danish combined heat and power plant

Snowflake White Mountain Power – Arizona, USA
Decommissioned boiler converted to biomass-burning BFB to meet renewable goals and tight schedule

Mill – Oregon, USA
Open-bottom BFB technology designed for biomass firing improves capacity and emissions control

Paper Mill – USA
Conversion of recovery boiler to BFB an economic and environmental solution to extend plant’s asset life

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Energy Storage 
An electrode manufacturer was looking for a better way to do electrode coating and requested a collaborative effort with B&W MEGTEC

Canadian Oil Sands – Alberta, Canada

Eight modular Heros industrial boilers prove to be high-efficiency, high-reliability, low-emissions steam generation solution



IRPC Clean Power Company – Rayong, Thailand
Three-drum Heros™ boiler provides refinery’s CHP plant with reliable, efficient power

BP Bruce Platform – Aberdeen, Scotland 
B&W Universal upgrades turbine exhaust system at platform in the North Sea

Buffalo Compressor Station – Pennsylvania, USA
B&W Universal supplies oil & gas station with custom exhaust silencer system and resonator

AG Processing – Nebraska, USA

IR-CFB boiler supplies steam for soy bean processing while reducing emissions

Alumina do Norte (Alunorte) – Para, Brazil
IR-CFB helps generate steam for refinery that produces and distributes alumina

Newmont Mining – Nevada, USA
Coal-fired boiler and air quality control system provides reliable, low-emissions electricity to operations throughout northern Nevada

Paper Mill – USA
Conversion of recovery boiler to BFB an economic and environmental solution to extend plant’s asset life

Mill – Oregon, USA
Open-bottom BFB technology designed for biomass firing improves capacity and emissions control

B&W SPIG Cooling Tower Projects

B&W SPIG Air Cooling System Project