Seven out of ten power plants feature B&W’s Diamond Power® sootblowers.

Using superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed air or water, our sootblowers are trusted to remove deposits, prevent plugging of gas passes and maintain boiler efficiency. Our specialized designs and configurations meet customer needs for sootblower precision, reliability and efficiency.

Our designs include:

  • G9B Fixed Element Rotary Sootblowers
    • Provides solution for areas with limited external installation space, sufficient for light-duty applications
  • IR-3Z™ Furnace Wall Sootblower
    • Accurate, dependable 360-degree cleaning of furnace wall water tubes
  • IK-700® Retractable Sootblowers
    • Provides best possible cleaning energy to CO Boilers, HRSG, and Oil Heaters
  • IK-700®-SCR Partially Retractable Rake-Style Sootblowers
    • Provides nearly 100-percent catalyst surface area coverage to maintain pressure drop through SCR units
  • HydroJet® Furnace Cleaning System
    • Capable of accurately cleaning entire width of the furnace with more accuracy and using significantly less water compared to other cleaning systems
  • HydroJet®-Retractable Furnace Cleaning System
    • Cleaning system extends the articulating nozzle into the furnace, vastly improving cleaning area coverage and effectiveness

B&W provides sootblowing optimization using its Powerclean™ intelligent sootblowing system. The Powerclean system incorporates B&W's boiler design and modeling expertise to provide critical performance information and surface cleanliness factors for improved sootblowing control.

B&W Sootblowers

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