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Solvent Recovery Systems

B&W MEGTEC’s solvent recovery systems are based on today’s most advanced and reliable adsorption and distillation technologies. They are site-specific and add long-term value to your manufacturing operation allowing you to produce high quality solvent-based products.

Competitive advantages found with B&W MEGTEC solvent recovery systems include:

• Recovering up to 99%+ of all your solvents for re-use
• Removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from your manufactured process emissions to help meet or exceed regulatory requirements
• Increasing profitability by reducing solvent expense

We offer complete carbon adsorption (regenerable or non-regenerable) and distillation, purification and recovery systems.

Our carbon adsorption systems feature:
• Wide range of air flows and solvent loadings
• Suitable for a wide variety of solvent types
• High emissions control and recovery efficiencies
• High turn-down ratio
• Quality materials of construction for minimal maintenance and extended equipment life

B&W MEGTEC designs, builds and installs distillation systems to separate and purify solvents for reuse after recovery from the process stream. Solvents can be made suitable for recycle and reuse in a variety of applications. Continuous or batch processes are available, operating under vacuum or atmospheric pressure, depending on the solvents and purity levels required.

Systems can also be supplied to treat stand-alone purification requirements such as drying of solvents and removing organics from waste water to make the water suitable for disposal. We can also provide steam or air stripping columns for solvent removal prior to discharge.

Solvent recovery systems are available in a wide range of flows and configurations to meet your system requirements and space constraints. Custom designed units handle flows from 500 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 1,000,000 CFM. Pre-assembled skid-mounted systems are available for applications up to 20,000 CFM.

Pilot Distillation System
B&W MEGTEC also has an in-house Pilot Distillation System. This bench-scale lab is available for process development testing of various liquid feed materials to identify what purity levels are possible, as well as to generate data for determining full-scale commercial design. Testing in a laboratory setting reduces risk and development costs. This is a fully controlled environment ideal for investigating first-of-a-kind concepts and process improvements.

New Build

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We consistently demonstrate the ability to successfully execute innovative solutions for our customers, from new equipment to large, complex full-scope engineering and construction projects.

Upgrades / Retrofits

Upgrades and Retrofits by B&W
Modifying, improving and maintaining existing equipment are vital considerations for the long-term viability and profitability of all operations.

Parts / Services

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An extensive network of worldwide regional service centers, field service engineers and technical support personnel are available to provide the customized service and aftermarket solutions for your requirements.