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Solvent Recovery for Lithium-Ion Battery Production

B&W MEGTEC solvent recovery systems for the battery electrode manufacturing process offer a cost-effective way to produce electronic-grade solvents. This systems approach also helps achieve compliance with global and local emissions standards. System considerations include:

Solvent Recovery for any Scale
Proprietary solvent recovery systems from B&W MEGTEC effectively remove, recover, and purify solvents from coating-line exhaust air streams. For high volumes, adding a purification system makes it possible to produce electronic-grade NMP and allow immediate re-use onsite. The typical recovery rate is > 99% and savings of $2/kg can be achieved.
Small-Scale Applications
For small exhaust streams, a non-regenerable carbon absorption system is the perfect fit as it removes the NMP from the exhaust stream. Both the installation and operation are simple.

Lithium Ion Solvent Recovery
An efficient solvent recovery and purification system is cost-effective and provides regulatory compliance. The illustration shows an example of a solvent recovery system to support a mass production coating line. B&W MEGTEC will provide the most-effective combination of solvent recovery techniques for each application based on exhaust flow rate and local environmental requirements. 

Pilot/Mass Production
For modest- to high-volume streams, a condensation system with concentrator delivers a more efficient and economical process. The system design includes heat recovery, chilled water condenser, and a zeolite wheel concentrator. To meet the most stringent environmental regulations, a carbon absorption system may also be required. The recovered solvent is collected in a storage tank until it can be purified onsite or shipped to a third-party processor.

Onsite Distillation/Purification
For modest- to high-volume NMP usage, adding an onsite distillation system will reduce operating costs because the recovery and purification process is only about 1/3 of the purchase price for new electronic-grade NMP. The proprietary design of the distillation system delivers electronic-grade NMP back into the process stream with a very high overall yield. 

All distillation and purification systems can be supplied pre-assembled on skids for timely and easy installation. Ask us for an economic analysis of your lithium-ion battery operation.

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