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Filtration Technologies

B&W Universal provides a full line of filtration technologies for gas turbines, compressors, blowers and diesel engines. Whether you need replacement filters, replacement housings or a custom-designed air filtration system, we have the design and manufacturing expertise to assist you.

Panel Elements

Panel Filter
B&W Universal offers a wide range of air filter panels for use on gas turbines, diesel engines, compressors and blowers. These filters enable effective and efficient filtration at high airflow levels with a minimum amount of pressure drop. Media types include pleated paper, felted synthetic (polyester) and galvanized steel wire mesh. The W-2, DD-2 and P-2 panel filters are lightweight, easy to clean and are ideally used with single or multistage FH, FRH or BFH combination filter silencers.

Small Cartridge Filters

Small Cartridge Filter
We offer three types of elements for cartridge filters and filter/silencers. The pleated paper element provides the highest efficiency, while the pleated felt and wire mesh are suitable for applications that are less demanding. The paper element is oven-cured during production, and has plastisol end caps and molded sealing beads. The felt element has durable polyester felt media with the same molded sealing beads and plastisol end caps as the paper element filter. The wire mesh element is treated with an oil-free adhesive and is recommended for “rough” filtration only. These filters can be cleaned and reused. Larger filter sizes have metal end caps instead of the oven-cured plastisol.

Filter Housings

Filter Housing
Each gas turbine filtration and acoustic challenge is unique. B&W Universal is one of the only acoustic and filtration solution providers that can design and manufacture a total inlet system solution for gas turbines. Whether the application is a first-fit filter housing for a global OEM or the refurbishment of an existing inlet system for a municipal utility, we have what you need. Turbine manufacturers from major OEMs have trusted our innovative approach to remedy the most difficult noise problems.

New Build

B&W Projects New Build
We consistently demonstrate the ability to successfully execute innovative solutions for our customers, from new equipment to large, complex full-scope engineering and construction projects.

Upgrades / Retrofits

Upgrades and Retrofits by B&W
Modifying, improving and maintaining existing equipment are vital considerations for the long-term viability and profitability of all operations.

Parts / Services

Babcock & Wilcox Parts and Service Support
An extensive network of worldwide regional service centers, field service engineers and technical support personnel are available to provide the customized service and aftermarket solutions for your requirements.