Coating Lines

B&W MEGTEC provides complete turnkey solutions for the production of advanced web-based materials such as lithium-ion battery cathode and anode electrode materials. Our expertise includes raw material handling, coating/slurry mixing and fluid delivery, web handling, coating and drying, solvent recovery and purification, calendaring, and slitting.

As markets such as the lithium-ion battery industry mature, pressure to decrease costs mounts. The traditional approach for battery electrode manufacture is to coat one side at a time, thus requiring two passes through the coating line. A more efficient method is to coat both sides in a single pass. This can be accomplished in two different ways:

1) Sequential or tandem coating system, or
2) Simultaneous two side coating

B&W MEGTEC has pioneered and successfully implemented simultaneous two-side horizontal, free-span coating. The benefits of simultaneous two side coating are:

• Twice the throughput compared to single-side coaters
• Smaller line footprint than tandem line
• Lower capital cost and operating cost than tandem coating line
• Particles not trapped at coating point (no streaks, no foil breaks)
• Fewer problems with wrinkles at coating point

To achieve simultaneous two-side horizontal, free-span coating, we bring innovation to the slot die coating system. In addition, our flotation drying technology is an integral part of this system.

Lab Pilot Coating Lines

B&W MEGTEC has developed a modular, compact laboratory coating line designed for short production runs or developmental work. This coating line offers the capability of producing coated substrates up to 250 mm wide running at speeds up to 3 meters/minute.

Our lab coating line features the following:

• Cantilevered unwind and winder
• Precision coating module with comma coater or slot die coater
• Convection dryer with either impingement or flotation nozzles to dry the coated side of the web
• Modular, one-piece design requires minimal space for easy installation in a laboratory environment
• Approximate footprint 4.5 m long x 1.1 m wide x 2 m high

Coating Lines

  R&DCoater   LabCoater PilotCoater   ProCoater  GigaCoater GigaCoaterXL 
 Foil Width mm 150 300  350   650 1300 2200  
 Speed m/min 0.5  3  5  20 40  60  
 Capacity MW/a 0.1  5  50  500  2000 5000  
 2-Sides Coating


 No  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes  
 Coating Side A Slot-Die
Tensioned Web
or Comma Bar
Backing Roll
or Comma Bar
Backing Roll
or Comma Bar
Backing Roll
Backing Roll
Tensioned Web
 Coating Side B Second pass  Second pass  Slot-Die
 Tensioned Web
Tensioned Web
Tensioned Web

Tensioned Web

 Multi-Lane With Slot-Die  With Slot-Die  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes  
 Intermittent No  Option  Option  Option  Option No  
 Unwind Single  Single  Single  Single  Non-Stop Auto Non-Stop Auto  
 Rewind Single  Single  Single  Non-Stop  Non-Stop Auto Non-Stop Auto  
 Dryer Roll Support
.6 m
 Roll Support
1-3 m 
6 m
15 - 20 m
40 - 50 m 
50 -70 m

Lab Coater

Development Center

B&W MEGTEC’s pilot line in its Development Center is available for customers to test, develop and improve processes by evaluating system variables and components to optimize their performance and operation with the coatings and substrates to be used. Important for emerging, advanced materials applications, the pilot line helps facilitate the potential for advanced technology patents.

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Upgrades and Retrofits by B&W
Modifying, improving and maintaining existing equipment are vital considerations for the long-term viability and profitability of all operations.

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Slot-die Coating

Project / Case Feature Item

Engineering a Better Way to Coat Battery Electrodes

The traditional tandem coating process is characterized by coating and drying
one side of the current collector, then re-running the foil through the entire
coating and drying process for the second side of the foil. Tandem coating also
requires a longer manufacturing line that takes up more factory space.

An electrode manufacturer was looking for a better method of electrode coating
and requested a collaborative effort with B&W MEGTEC in an effort to develop a
simultaneous two-sided coating and drying process that did not require a vertical web
path through the dryer. The potential customer approached B&W MEGTEC because
they were familiar with its patented air flotation drying equipment and R&D pilot line

Technology previously developed for simultaneous two-sided battery
electrode coating dictated the need for a vertical air flotation dryer. However,
the customer did not want a vertical web-path dryer because of the substantial
building height required and the increased difficulty in providing operator
access for tending purposes compared to a dryer with a horizontal web path.

The engineering goal was to develop a simultaneous two-sided coating
method that uses a horizontal air flotation dryer instead of a vertical dryer.
B&W MEGTEC engineering and R&D teams developed a new coating concept
and refined it through extensive testing on the B&W MEGTEC R&D pilot line.

The new B&W MEGTEC process required just a single pass. There was only
one coating station, one dryer, and all equipment was located on the same level of
the facility, all within a small footprint compared to a traditional tandem coating line.