Conveying Systems for Renewable Applications

Renewable Energy Material Handling


Biomass Plant University

Biomass continues to expand as an important energy source. B&W Loibl has set the standard in designing and manufacturing biomass conveyance technology.

Special consideration is needed when conveying biomass such as wood pellets, chips and waste woods to prevent particles and foreign material from interfering with the continuous feed of fuel. Years of experience and in-house plant design have allowed B&W Loibl to develop solutions for these challenges.

For example, wood chips can be conveyed by troughed belt conveyors, troughed chain conveyors or discharge and dosing screw conveyors that can crush larger particles.

Depending on conditions, operators can also use our Sicon conveyor, which is especially suitable for curved paths. Our Sicon conveyor allows a dust-free and smooth material transport from inlet to outlet without transfer points and environmentally damaging soiling.


The varying composition of refuse creates a unique challenge for waste-to-energy applications. B&W Loibl’s refuse handling systems are proven to provide consistent, reliable and safe fuel supply to the boiler.

We also provide ash handling systems and sorbent storage and handling for environmental systems used in biomass and WTE plants.

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