Conveying Systems for Power Generation

Power Generation Material Handling

Fuel Handling & Logistics

B&W Loibl fuel handling and logistics

The reliable, safe and uninterrupted supply of individual fuel for boilers is the heart of every power plant.

B&W Loibl’s fuel handling capabilities begin with the unloading of fuel such as coal or wood wastes from a ship. Material transport is conveyed from here in a variety of ways using belt conveyors, chain conveyors or screw conveyors into the plant.

We are equally experienced in handling waste as fuel, critical to operators due to the varying composition of the waste.


Ash Handling Systems


B&W Loibl provides a range of engineered conveyance technologies and complete systems for the removal of both bottom ash and fly ash.

Bottom ash solutions include our plate conveyors as well as traditional submerged chain conveyors. An innovative bearing design for drives and bend systems has increased service life and the time between overhaul and maintenance requirements.

Residual fly ash from particulate collection devices can be transported using various pneumatic techniques. We can provide complete systems, including both dust proof and pressure proof designs, as well as components such as slide gates, rotary valves, double flaps and crushers.

Our research and development department, with its fully equipped laboratory, can test a variety of materials for the best method of conveyance and determine the optimum parameters for pressure and pipe size.


Limestone & Gypsum Transport & Storage

Fuel handling & logistics

B&W Loibl can provide conveying and handling systems, as well as storage silos, for limestone and other dry sorbents used in flue gas cleaning systems.

As a byproduct of flue gas purification systems in energy production, gypsum is a significant economic factor for power plant operators. Large quantities of the material must be transported to local gypsum plants, ship harbors or rail transport terminals.

To effectively transport wet gypsum, which tends to cake and clog, unnecessary transfer points should be avoided. Consequently, enclosed, long conveyor belts are a must. B&W Loibl’s proven solutions include pipe conveyors, which can transport volumes of 3000 m³/h, and the flexible Sicon conveyor, which can handle curved paths and transport up to 500m³/h.

We also provide troughed belt conveyors, reclaimers, and silo loading and discharging systems, as well as complete structural and construction services. 


Bed Material & Sand Systems

B&W Loibl Ash Handling Systems

In fluidized-bed combustion applications, B&W Loibl can provide engineered solutions for the removal of hot bed material (sand or limestone), including cooling screws, apron conveyors, screws, chain conveyors, bucket elevators and components.

Construction materials used in all of our systems are matched to the specific requirements and specifications to provide low maintenance and years of service life.

Ship Loading & Unloading Systems

Conveyors for loading and unloading ships

 B&W Loibl can plan and deliver the necessary technology to safely handle many products and raw materials which arrive or depart plants and facilities by ship.

Conveyance Technology for Unloading Ships

Mobile bunker wagons or stationary bunker wagons are used together with grab cranes.

Shipped goods are taken from the ship by grab cranes and discharged into bunkers. A discharge system, such as a belt conveyor with a transfer chute and an idler boom station, guides the material using quay belts or with some other similar system.

To minimize dust emissions, bunkers are equipped with rounded, all-side dust protection walls while using a water wetting coating. Alternatively, we can equip bunkers with a dust extracting system. This is particularly important when dealing with moisture sensitive material such as wood pellets.

To reduce noise, bunkers can be equipped with wear proof sound absorbing rubber sheet metal elements and bunker corners can be coated with polyurethane-sheet metal elements to reduce material adherence.

Bunkers are monitored using a weighing system that includes an evaluation unit and the crane discharge can be stopped before overloading occurs. The electric switching and controlling system for bunker operation, including scale electronics, can be supplied with fogging, heating and lighting systems.

Conveyance Technology for Loading Ships

Ships can be loaded in a variety of locations, such as a harbor, quay or on the quay wall. The selection and development of a ship loading system is designed to match the customers’ needs and site specifications. Both the material requirements and the environmental circumstances are always taken into consideration in the design.


Slag Treatment

B&W Loibl Plate Conveyor

B&W Loibl has developed an internationally acknowledged standard for wet conveyance systems with our plate conveyors. Our systems are proven to provide long service life by utilizing a rugged bearing design for drives and new bend systems.


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