waste incineration

Waste Incineration
Multi-pollutant abatement systems

Particulate Control

Particulate and Dust Control

B&W provides a wide range of solutions for the removal of particulate matter (PM) produced during combustion or manufacturing processes.  

Our experience provides our customers with the best available technology for most applications, regardless of fuel.

Acid Mist Removal

Dry Sorbent Injection

Electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) provide high efficiency control of acid mist from the SO2-rich gas stream in sulfuric acid plants.

Our dry ESP can be combined with downstream wet acid gas scrubbers and wet ESPs for high performance filterable and particulate control, acid mist control and acid gas control.  

Aftermarket Services

Engineers and technical support representatives at your service

Our support doesn't end at project completion. B&W has an extensive network of service professionals located worldwide to help keep your equipment running efficiently.  Learn more about our upgrades, preventative maintenance services, technical support and spare parts.

From a regulatory standpoint, the industry is divided into a number of categories: commercial/industrial solid waste incinerators (CISWI), municipal waste combustors (MWC), hospital/medical/infectious waste incinerators (HMIWI), hazardous waste combustors (HWC), sewage sludge incinerators (SSI), and other solid waste incinerators (OSWI). While each sub-category is subject to differing environmental regulations, all can benefit from evaluating their air pollution control requirements.

B&W MEGTEC offers complete multi-pollutant system designs to help you meet your air pollution control requirements:
• Particulate control
• Acid gas control
• Heavy metals removal
• Fume reduction
• Acid mist removal
• CO destruction
• Hg, dioxin, and furan removal

B&W MEGTEC offers a single-source supply, guarantee and complete solution to meet today's stringent regulations.