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Heros Water-Tube Boilers

B&W Water-Tube Package Boilers

Package boilers are fundamental to safe, reliable and uninterrupted plant operation. Whether for auxiliary power, production, heating or air conditioning - boilers are an integral part of the refinery process

Turnaround Services

Refinery Services

We have a reputation for meeting commitments to get your operation back online sooner.  Key to the success of any project is the safe execution of the work by the craft labor and supervisory personnel.

Oxidizers for VOCs

B&W MEGTEC Oxidizer

Durable regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) technology is at the core of our systems. B&W MEGTEC customizes your solution - from energy efficiency to secondary heat recovery applications.

Cooling Systems

Dry Cooling Systems

With more than 80 years of experience in steam condensation, B&W SPIG provides a range of wet and dry cooling solutions as dictated by site-specific requirements.  

Refinery Services

Refinery Services

In addition to full-scope boiler services, B&W provides field service and retrofit solutions for furnaces, heaters, pressure vessels, piping, distillation towers and more. 

B&W Universal Acoustics Silencing

B&W Universal

For more than half a century, refinery, petrochemical and chemical processing industry customers have relied on B&W Universal to engineer acoustic and emission / filtration systems to meet their unique needs and back them with unparalleled support. 
Our comprehensive single-sourced solution not only meets environmental, regulatory and operational requirements, but helps operators reduce costs, improve the efficiency of equipment and eliminate safety and compliance risk. Our systems portfolio features exhaust and inlet systems, including silencers, ducts, structural steel, dampers/diverters and filters for gas turbines and diesel and NG engines.


Safe, Efficient Hydrocarbon Solutions

hydrocarbon solutions

Meeting energy and environmental goals for maximized efficiency and reliability and minimizing emissions.

Steam Boilers

CO Boiler

Water-Tube Package Boilers

Waste Heat Boilers

TSSG Oil Sands

Retrofits and Services

Boiler Cleaning
Diamond Power™ Sootblowers

Code and Pressure Vessel Repairs

Field Engineering

Inspection, Tuning, Troubleshooting

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Boiler Pressure Parts
Boiler Furnace Walls
Superheaters and Reheaters
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