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Innovation has been at the heart of Babcock & Wilcox since its beginning in 1867, when childhood friends George Babcock and Stephen Wilcox patented the first inherently safe water tube boiler.

Since that time, B&W has grown to become a leader in energy and environmental technologies and services for power and industrial markets worldwide. B&W companies employ nearly 6,000 people around the world.

Our Core Values of People, Safety, Excellence, Technology and Stewardship guide our everyday behavior, and serve as a reminder of the rich heritage of our company and the employees whose talents build its reputation for quality and strength.

For 150 years, our spirit of innovation and the creativity within our employees have driven our company’s success. This is the real energy at B&W.

B&W is a leading force in technology innovation. Our people deliver long-term solutions for our customers...and our world.


We Value Our People At B&W

The Company We Keep

B&W is committed to recruiting, retaining and rewarding the best minds in the business.

As a global company with almost 6,000 employees, we have a diverse workforce from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, accounting, project management, information technology and more.

We value our people, we believe in the importance of teamwork, and our low turnover rate is a testament to our great culture.

The jobs are exciting.

The rewards are great.

At B&W, we’re committed to learning from each other, to working together to serve our customers, and to making a difference.

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